Q1. Is there any policy of return?

A1. No as of now. Every jewelry piece is thoroughly checked before dispatch.

Q2. Are the stones used in articles real?

A2. No, it’s a site only for low priced imitation jewelry.

Q3. Who are the girls under section of our model?

A3. They are qualified aspiring professionals. However you can wear our jewelry and send us a good resolution jpg image to appear in this section.

Q4. Is there an option for Cash on delivery?

A4. No at present.

Q5. How long is the product guaranteed for?

A5. Since it’s fashion jewelry we do not offer any guarantee. However, if it is duly protected from soaps, perfumes and hard water; It has a very long life.

Q6. How should we store such jewelry?

A6. Keep them wrapped in cotton in separate boxes to avoid all wear and tear. Spray all deodorants and perfumes before you wear any imitation jewelry.